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Newsletter   4 September 2018
  Public meeting -
Cracks In The Wall: Beyond Apartheid In Palestine/Israel.
With journalist and author Ben White.
Thursday 20 September. 19.00 - 21.00 / 7 - 9pm.
White Rock Hotel (opposite pier), Hastings TN34 1JU.
Free refreshments.
After decades of occupation, Israel has created an apartheid state. But while the situation on the ground is bleak, Ben White argues that there are widening cracks in Israel's traditional pillars of support. Opposition to Israeli policies is growing in Jewish communities, as well as among an ever growing number of people in the West generally. Meanwhile, the Palestinian-led boycott campaign is gathering momentum, prompting a desperate backlash by Israel and its allies. Ben White will show that there are solutions, a way forward beyond apartheid.

Our leaflet promoting the meeting: please print and distribute. Download here.

IHRA definition of anti-Semitism.

The media continues to echo calls by pro-Israel groups demanding the enforcement of the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism. (The IHRA is the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance). This is no doubt because 7 of its 11 illustrations of anti-Semitism refer to Israel.

What the corporate media and corporate politicians don't mention is that the man who initially drafted the document - Kenneth S. Stern (right) - has condemned the misuse of his document, highlighting the curbing of free speech in the UK, for example the banning of Palestine solidarity meetings at Manchester and Bristol universities.

"My fear is, if we similarly enshrine this definition into law, outside groups will try and suppress - rather than answer - political speech they don't like."

This article explains Stern's opposition: The man who drafted the IHRA definition of antisemitism condemns its use to curb freedom of speech.

More on the IHRA definition:
Hugh Tomlinson QC: IHRA definition of antisemitism not fit for purpose.


Film show: 'Killing Gaza."

We showed the film 'Killing Gaza' at the Palace, White Rock. Thanks to everyone who came along, and for the £66.71 raised for the national PSC fund (to contest the government's anti-divestment regulations).

We hope that as many people as possible get to see this film. The documentary details the siege of Gaza and shows the brutality of Israeli's 2014 attacks. It gives a rare account of Israeli's ground operation at the end of Israel's 'Protective Edge' operation. The film can be downloaded very cheaply. More information at the 'Killing Gaza' website.

This is an interview with the film producers Max Blumenthal and Dan Cohen. They give a background both to the making of the film, but also to the siege of Gaza generally: Video: Interview with Max Blumenthal and Dan Cohen.

Why the undercover film of the Israeli lobby in the US was banned.

The documentary was expected to be a media sensation, taking the lid off the powerful Israeli lobby in the US. But then the broadcast was stopped, with no official explanation. This shows the background to this story, from the Le Monde: How Israel spies on US citizens. The truths that won't be heard.

Leaked video from the banned film.               More leaked video from the banned film.

The Israeli lobby in the UK.
Back in January 2017, we publicised the series of films (made by Al Jazeera) of the undercover operation exposing the Israel lobby in the UK, These films showed how Israel is willing to 'take down' pro-Palestine politicians, give funds (more than £1m) to groups such as the Labour Friends of Israel. There's one incredible scene which shows that after a Labour Party member had a discussion with MP Joan Ryan about Israel's illegal settlements she ended up being investigated for 'anti-Semitism' (the film shows otherwise). Well worth a re-look:

The Lobby Part 1: Young Friends of Israel.
The Lobby Part 2: The Training Session.
The Lobby Part 3: An Anti-Semitic Trope.
The Lobby Part 4: The Takedown.

Stop Arming Israel.

"Far from being the removed outsiders that they claim to be, UK high street banks are profiting from the UK-Israel arms trade." Information from War on Want.

Latest from the Palestine Freedom Flotilla to Gaza.

The Freedom Flotilla directly challenged the illegal Israeli blockade of Gaza. The two boats were hijacked by the Israeli military in international waters. The crew, participants and journalists were subjected to a range of physical and emotional violence. Legal and Welfare Update and Appeal.

Saturday information stalls in Hastings

We've run weekly information stalls in Hastings Town Centre opposite Lloyds Bank every Saturday 12.00 'til 14.00 (2 pm) since 2014.

Please come along to say hello and support us: any amount of time is appreciated.


Hastings PSC Membership.
We welcome new members! Becoming a member of Hastings PSC is an important way of supporting our work.The annual subscription is £10 waged, £5 unwaged. We haven't an online system as yet, but please fill in our membership form and hand it in at one of our information stalls or meetings. Download form here. We also encourage local people to join the national PSC.

News from and about the occupation:

Israel adopts racist Jewish nation-state law.

Israel steps up its war on mixed marriages.

Israeli bulldozers demolish water pipeline in Palestinian village.

The first half of 2018 was lethal for Palestinian children.

Israeli airstrikes kill pregnant mother, toddler in Gaza

Israel destroys Gaza cultural center.

How Israel lobby attacked an Auschwitz survivor to smear Corbyn.

Israeli snipers murder another paramedic - Abdullah al-Qatati, aged 22.

Drowning among Israeli settlements, an ancient Christian village in Palestine struggles to survive.

Can the US Keep Lying About Israel's Nukes?

Gaza: Meet the Palestinian doctor who watched his son die.

The elimination of UNRWA aims at the consolidation of an apartheid, single state, and the defeat of the Palestinian struggle.

Israel Destroys Water Pipeline in Palestinian Village.

After Israel destroys Hebron school, students setup makeshift classrooms.

BBC Changes Palestine Headline After Israeli Complaint.

The Deliberate Pauperisation of Palestine.

Ahed Tamimi: 'I am a freedom fighter. I will not be the victim.'

Rise and Kill First: The Secret History of Israel's Targeted Assassinations - review.

Jewish Nation-State Law: Why Israel Was Never a Democracy.

Palestinian paramedic Razan al-Najjar was 'deliberately and fatally shot' by Israeli sniper.

The Lydda Death March and the Israeli State of Denial.

Five ways Israeli law discriminates against Palestinians (more than 65 Israeli laws already exist that discriminate against Palestinians).

How Israel betrayed its most loyal minority - the Druze.

Israel bombs Gaza as hospitals run out of fuel.

Ben White: Why calling Israel an apartheid state or racist is not anti-Semitic.

Hijacking Victimhood and Demonizing Dissent.

Israeli 'nation-state' law follows in footsteps of Jim Crow, Indian Removal Act, and Nuremberg Laws.

Arabs outnumber Jews in Israel, occupied territories: official.

Israeli court extends detention of 4 Palestinian journalists.

Opinion: We Should Be Saluting the Gaza Strip.

Israel Evacuated Alleged Mossad-Linked Rebel Commanders During "Humanitarian" White Helmet Rescue.

Syria: The White Helmets' Final Performance.

Ya'alon (Defense minister): I would prefer Islamic State to Iran in Syria.

How a Free Syrian Army Unit Uncovered the Rebels' Israeli Connection and Switched Sides.

The first step towards indicting Israel for war crimes at the International Criminal Court?

As Jews, we reject the myth that it's antisemitic to call Israel racist.

Zionism's troubled relationship with anti-Semitism.

Israel's New "Impenetrable" Underwater Sea Barrier Blockading Gaza Is Just as Absurd as It Sounds.

Meet Ahed Tamimi, 17-Year-Old West Bank Activist Jailed for 8 Months for Slapping Israeli Soldier.

UK aid to Gaza is absurd while it sells guns to Israel.

The Deliberate Pauperisation of Palestine.

For many Gazans, the sea is the only escape from the siege.

Israel Has No Right to Self-Defense Against Gaza by Norman G. Finkelstein and Jamie Stern-Weiner.

PSC Press Release: London council to debate banning those calling for BDS on grounds of 'antisemitism.'

The political program of the Campaign for One Democratic State in Historic Palestine.

Meet the girl who dreams of being Gaza's first Olympic swimmer.

Media watchdogs slam 'politically motivated' arrests of Palestinian journalists.

Israeli air raid kills two children in Gaza City.

Video: Walking Out on the Israel Birthright Trip (i24NEWS).

Israel's ban on South African model is straight from the apartheid playbook.

Felicia Langer, Tireless Defender of Human Rights, Passes Away.

BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) news

Jewish groups worldwide voice support for pro-Palestine BDS movement.

Adidas No Longer Sponsoring Israel Football Association.

Top 70 Moments of Solidarity & BDS for Palestine in 2018.

Dockworkers force Israel-linked ship away from Tunisia.

Scotland's 'Braveheart' pension fund divests from Israeli bank.

BDS: how a controversial non-violent movement has transformed the Israeli-Palestinian debate.

Israel takes out 'BDS insurance' to protect Eurovision.

The Faulty Logic Behind the Attacks on BDS.


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