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Newsletter   26 November 2018
Report from Palestine.
Articles from one of our members - Gill Knight - who has been part of an ICAHD (Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions) tour in the northern Jordan Valley.
Photo right: Part demolition of Ibziq mixed community school:

School demolition at Ibziq.

Ethnic Cleansing in East Jerusalem.

Shepherds in the Jordan Valley.

Canon John Hadley: Letter to J. K. Rowling.
"I beg you not to lend any credence to pernicious Israeli propaganda, and to retract the impression given by Lethal White that you support their terrible policies."
John Hadley's criticisms of J.K.Rowley's book "Lethal White." Canon John Hadley and Gill were part of the ICAHD tour.
Letter here.

New Poll Shows Support for Israel Plummeting Among U.S. youth, women and African Americans.

The recent Economist/YouGov poll showed that in the US "only 25 percent of those 18-29-years-old said that Israel was an ally." Support for Israel is weakest among young, liberal, minorities and women. The percentage seeing Israel as an ally were "19 percent of African Americans and 22 percent of Hispanics." "Twenty-nine percent of households earning less that $50K a year viewed Israel favorably but 49 percent of those earning $100K and over did."

Article here.

Quakers will not profit from the occupation of Palestine.

"We believe we have a moral duty to state publicly that we will not invest in any company profiting from the occupation."

Quakers will not profit from the occupation of Palestine.

Board of Deputies seeks to discredit and smear Quakers.

"a verbal assault which showed no respect for the Quakers' nearly 400 years of commitment to peace and justice in Britain." Article by Robert Cohen:
As British Quakers divest from the Occupation, Jewish leaders seek to discredit and smear them.

Israel bombs 80 sites across Gaza.

Israel breaks the ceasefire again with one of its 80 incursions this year into Gaza. Useful background: Israel's latest strikes on Gaza were deliberate attempts to prolong the suffering of Palestinians - and the world has fallen for it.

Israel strikes 80 sites across Gaza.
The Short War With Gaza Exposed Israel's Weakness - Updated.
NGO: Most Palestinian demonstrators shot in Gaza not in immediate vicinity of fence.
Let's help the disabled Palestinians in Gaza!
Gaza: Prosthetic Limb Workshop Struggles to Keep Up with Demand from IDF Shooting Unarmed Protests.
Israeli woman fights for Palestinians in Gaza.

Saturday information stalls - in Hastings and Rye.

We've run weekly information stalls in Hastings Town Centre opposite Lloyds Bank every Saturday 12.00 'til 14.00 (2 pm) since 2014.

We run fortnightly stalls on the cobbles at the top of Conduit Hill, where it meets the High Street. 12 - 2 pm. The next dates are 1 and 15 December.

Please come along to either (or both!) of our stalls to say hello and support us: any amount of time is appreciated.

The Israel lobby in the US.

This undercover film was made by Al Jazeera but was never broadcast after Qatar, the country that funds the TV station, came under Israel lobby pressure not to air the film. The Electronic Intifada has obtained a copy of "The Lobby: US" and has now released it. We have links to the 4 episodes on our website (and to the previous film exposing the Israel lobby in the UK).

The power of the Israel lobby.

Israelis from Illegal settlement flood West Bank school with sewage for the second time in two months.

Israeli settlers dumped their sewage on a Palestinian school in the northern occupied West Bank district of Qalqilia.
Israel settlers dump sewage on Palestinian school in Qalqiliya.

Breaking the Silence about Israel's Occupation of Hebron.

Former Israeli soldiers exposing the brutality of the occupation of the West Bank face fresh challenges. Article by Jonathan Cook:
Breaking the Silence about Israel's Occupation of Hebron.

Lobby MPs Wednesday 28th November.

This year's Lobby Day will focus on two of PSC's core campaigns: the treatment of Palestinian Child Prisoners, and the demand for the UK to Stop Arming Israel. 12.00-18.00.
Information here.

News from and about the occupation:

Israel cancels work permits for family of murdered Palestinian Al-Rabi.

Israeli forces detain 8-year-old Palestinian child near Hebron.

Education on Israel and Palestine just got shut down in Scottish schools (Under pressure from pro-Israel lobbyists).

Family of 11 homeless, as Israel settlers take Palestinian house in Jerusalem.

Iceland Recognizes Palestinian State Within 1967 Lines.

Banksy brings Separation Wall to London.

From 2015: Tom Suárez: Israel's attempt to destroy Palestinians' music Israel vs the Violin.

From 2016: The Massacre at Ras Sudr: Israeli Military Censor Covers Up 1967 War Crimes and IDF Officers Responsible (POWs killed and all the bodies were buried on the spot by a bulldozer).

Israeli Gang Leader Sentenced to Prison for Beating Up Arab Men Dating Jewish Women.

At least 274 Palestinians (52 children) and 12 Israelis (1 child) have been killed by someone from the other side in 2018.

Palestine in Pictures: October 2018.

June 2018: Liberty AGM warns of dangers of IHRA 'definition of antisemitism.'

Shattering the myth of Rabin as the 'man of peace.'

Israeli Defense Company Elbit Wins Contract to Monitor Europe's Coasts.

Palestinian with special needs dies of injuries.

Christian Zionists are Israel's political foot soldiers in US.

Israeli parents protest arrests of Palestinian children in central Tel Aviv.

'I felt guilty I received so much attention for being shot - this is Palestinians' daily reality.'

Noor Daoud of the Speed Sisters Palestinian Champions 'Drift' Car Racing for Women.

Jewish Settlers Steal Palestinian Olive Harvest in Nablus.

BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) news

The first UK university to divest from Israeli apartheid is Leeds.

Airbnb to remove listings in Israel's West Bank settlements.

Israeli effort to punish BDS activists for Lorde cancellation is backfiring.

Big BDS legal win in Germany.

Minister of State and 50 Irish lawmakers call for arms embargo on Israel.

30+ NYU Student Groups Pledge Non-cooperation with NYU Tel Aviv.

Palestinian Athletes say....Boycott Puma! No Fair Play on Stolen Palestinian Land.

Chef bows to BDS pressure, cancels Tel Aviv culinary event.

Israel envoy appearance at London university shelved 'over security concerns.'

Why won't Joe Strummer Foundation boycott Israel?

How the BDS movement convinced 'Transparent' creator Jill Soloway to shoot in L.A. instead of Israel.

Israelis kicked out by Moroccans at international dates fair.

Should DJs stand for Palestine? Perspectives on the cultural boycott of Israel.


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