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Newsletter   4 May 2020

Important legal win for the Palestinian solidarity movement over the UK government

The government had tried to block the right of local governments to divest from companies complicit in Israel's occupation (and from divesting from the UK defence industry). After a long legal battle headed by the PSC, the Supreme Court in London came out against the government.
UK Supreme Court boosts BDS.

While it's important that local governments have established the right to divest, the government has already announced its intention to introduce further anti-BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions) legislation.

#BoycottPuma Round 3

Puma sponsors the Israel Football Association (IFA), which includes teams in illegal Israeli settlements on stolen Palestinian land.

More than 200 Palestinian teams have called for Puma to end its support for Israel's military occupation by terminating its sponsorship deal with the IFA.

Puma's exclusive licensee in Israel, Delta, was listed in the UN database of complicit settlement companies. The UN considers all Israeli settlements in the occupied territory a war crime.

The last 2 actions were supported by the Hastings and Rye branch with pickets outside Puma stockist Sports Direct. This year the action will be an 'online rally' to coincide with Puma's AGM. The BDS movement has listed actions that we can all take part in:
Online Rally of Solidarity With Palestinians.

Other actions: EMAIL JAM: Boycott Puma day of action.

Puma Twitterstorm, 4 May 2020.


British politicians demand sanctions on Israel over annexation

More than 120 British politicians have written to Prime Minister Boris Johnson urging the government to warn Israel annexation of occupied Palestinian territory could lead to the imposition of sanctions.
127 British politicians demand UK impose sanctions.
None of the local MPs are on the list.

Hastings Online Times article

Article about the problems faced by the people of Gaza with the threat of a serious Covid-19 outbreak. Also the Hastings and Rye branch's 'virtual information stall.'
Covid-19 - a possible death sentence for Gazans.

HSBC accused of 'appalling moral cowardice'

The HSBC bank has blocked the Palestinian charity Interpal. "Banking restrictions on Interpal threaten to sever aid 'lifeline' for Palestinians."
HSBC accused of 'appalling moral cowardice.'

Video: Killing Gaza

We showed this film at at the 'Pig's Palace.' Independent journalists Max Blumenthal and Dan Cohen documented the 2014 Israeli assault on Gaza, and chronicled its horrific aftermath, particularly the brutal Israeli ground attack. The film can now be downloaded very cheaply. Rent for £2.21; buy for £3.69.
Killing Gaza website.
As an aside: we usually have to pay £100 or more to show a film publicly. We contacted Max Blumenthal to ask how much we needed to pay. He said we could show it for free! Max is editor of the
Grayzone Project.

International Criminal Court (ICC) report may lead to war crimes investigations

The ruling by the ICC could pave the way for an investigation of alleged war crimes committed by Israel in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem.
Palestine welcomes ICC report on jurisdiction over Palestinian territories.

17 years since the Israeli military shot UK filmmaker James Miller

British freelance cameraman and film director James Miller was fatally shot in Rafah, in the Gaza Strip. Seventeen years ago, an Israeli soldier killed James Miller, an award-winning British filmmaker who was in Gaza filming an HBO documentary. Miller's crew was wearing jackets and helmets marked "TV" & shined a flashlight on a white flag they were holding as they approached Israeli soldiers. The soldiers fired several rounds at them, and Miller was hit in the neck and later died of his injuries.
Israeli attacks on the press 2003.

News from and about the occupation:

From 2019: Burying the Nakba: How Israel Systematically Hides Evidence of 1948 Expulsion of Arabs

Spreading the Virus of Occupation: Spitting as a Weapon in the Hand of Colonial Israel.

Israel lobbyist funded Labour's new leader.

Netanyahu finally gets the annexation government he's been waiting for.

Palestinian children detained by Israel increases amid COVID-19 pandemic.

Israeli settlers exploit coronavirus to take over West Bank land with military backing: Violent attacks spike in April.

Israel may ask for double its usual $3.8 billion from the U.S this year.

'Piracy and Theft:' Israeli Court Orders PA to Pay $150 million in Damages.

Students in Boston, US, campaign to end collusion and training between Israeli military and US police.

International Workers' Day and the Palestinian cause.

Israel to seize Palestinian land near Hebron's Ibrahimi Mosque.

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