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Newsletter   12 May 2020

Virtual Lobby of Parliament

The PSC will be hosting a Virtual Lobby Day on Wednesday the 13th May. The link below asks the local MP to attend the special online Parliamentary briefing session. The PSC has arranged a panel of experts who will lobby MPs to implement a complete ban on trade with settlements, and to impose sanctions against Israel in response to annexation of Palestinian land.

Virtual Lobby of Parliament.

Tributes to Denis Goldberg, freedom fighter

Fought against apartheid South Africa - and apartheid Israel

Convicted at the Rivonia trial (from the top, left to right): Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu, Gowan Mbeki, Raymond Mhlaba, Elias Motsoaledi, Andrew Mlangeni, Ahmed Kathrada and Dennis Goldberg.

Denis Goldberg died April 29th in Cape Town aged 87. He played a major role in the struggle to end apartheid in South Africa. He was arrested in 1963 and put on trial along with others including Nelson Mandela and Walter Sisulu. He was given 4 life sentences.

Denis Goldberg's parents were children of Lithuanian Jews. He detested what was happening in Israel and became a stalwart supporter of the Palestinian cause. In 2015 he said: "There is no doubt in my mind that Israel is an apartheid state. Having lived through apartheid in South Africa, I cannot allow in my name the same kind of oppression to go on." His death was unmarked in Israel.

A Tribute to a South African Jewish Hero and Freedom Fighter.
Tributes pour in for veteran anti-apartheid campaigner Denis Goldberg.

Online Nakba rally on Friday 15th May - starting at 7pm

Featuring Roger Waters, Ken Loach, Diana Buttu and Janna Jihad. More details to follow.

Boycott Puma - Global day of action

Thanks to everyone who took part in last Monday's virtual day of action. Hundreds joined the telephone protest jamming Puma's customer service hotline calling to say why they are boycotting Puma. Over 37,000 emails were sent to Puma using PSC's online form. The hashtag #BoycottPuma made over 12 million impressions during the global twitterstorm. Puma sponsors the Israel Football Association (IFA), which includes teams in illegal Israeli settlements on stolen Palestinian land.


May 14 webinar with Rafeef Ziadah, Marta Ill and Rey Perez Asis

As the 72nd anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba falls during the COVID-19 crisis, join a discussion of the key to justice for many struggling for their rights: More information.

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May 2020 edition.

Israeli court sentences student Mays Abu Ghosh, aged 22, to 16 months

Details of her treatment while being interrogated have been revealed. Her mother said Mays' face was "full of bruises" and barely recognisable after 30 days of interrogation at the notorious al-Moskobiyeh detention centre in Jerusalem. Her interrogation began with the use of stress positions like the "banana" and "squatting" or the "false chair" for long periods of time, in an attempt to coerce confession from her. The interrogator began slamming her head against the wall, kicking her while yelling obscenities. The lights were kept on 24/7 with loud sounds constantly disturbing the prisoners. "She said that at one time, a large rat entered her cell, which she believes was intentionally entered by the interrogators in order to further torment her."

Israeli court sentences student to 16 months, 2,000 NIS fine.
Palestinian student Mays Abu Ghosh speaks out on Israeli abuse and torture under interrogation.


News from and about the occupation:

What will happen to Palestinian land the day after annexation?

Gideon Levy: Let Israel Annex the West Bank. It's the Least Worst Option for Palestinians.


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