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Newsletter   16 April 2021
Information stalls re-start this Saturday

We will be holding our weekly information stalls starting this Saturday in Hastings town centre (near Debenhams). 12.00 until 14.00. Please come along and say hello. We have 2 petitions: End the mistreatment of Palestinian children in Israeli military detention, and End the siege on Gaza.


Palestine: Democracy Under Occupation?
The forthcoming Palestinian elections
with Ramzy Baroud, Samah Sabawi and Nadia Naser-Najjab
Wednesday, 21 April 2021 at 7pm / 19:00 London time.

Palestinians might be heading to the polls for the first time in 15 years but is this really democracy in action? Many argue that the heavy restrictions on political participation, not to mention limitations on freedom of speech, association and movement in Palestine make these elections meaningless.

Is that true or is there a potential for real change on the ground? Our panel will discuss:
  • The significance of the elections.
  • The likely changes they will bring
  • The main players and how they will affect the outcome.
  • The effect of occupation on the democratic process.
  • How the One Democratic State Campaign fits into the political landscape.
  • Politisation of young people and how their vote might affect the outcome.

    To gain access to the meeting:  REGISTER HERE

    More information about the meeting:


    Please share the above link and the Facebook event page widely on social media. The Facebook page is here.

    Hastings demonstration against the Police Crime Bill

    The first of several local demonstrations against the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill took place at Alexandra Park last Saturday. The point was made by one of the speakers that our democratic rights that have been won through generations of struggle are being taken away from us.


    Hastings march against the Police Crime Bill. Saturday 1st May
    Saturday 1st May Assemble 12 pm Cornwallis Gardens TN34 1LR. Facebook event.

    The Israel lobby rewrites history in UK school textbooks
    The Israel lobby in the UK has literally been rewriting history, changing GCSE textbooks to favour an Israeli narrative which makes them, in the words of one expert, 'dangerously misleading.'

    An eight-page report found hundreds of changes to the textbooks - averaging three changes per page. In one case the revised edition removed the fact that Israeli soldiers were breaking the arms and fingers of Palestinian child stone throwers during the first intifada of 1987-93.
    UK school textbooks on Middle East conflict altered to favour Israel.

    The Jerusalem Declaration On Antisemitism

    The IHRA definition of antisemitism has been shown to be anything but a tool in fighting against anti-semitism. In fact it has been used by the Israel lobby to shut down Palestine solidarity activity. Whereas the recently published "Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism" (JDA) can go somewhere in replacing it.

    The view of the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement: "The 'Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism' (JDA), despite its flaws......presents a mainstream alternative to the fraudulent so-called IHRA definition of antisemitism and a "cogent guide" in the fight against real antisemitism......." "Despite its problematic Israel-centered guidelines, it provides a coherent and accurate definition of antisemitism."

    BDS view of the JDA.       JDA statement.

    'The Present' wins British Short Film BAFTA Film Awards 2021

    The first BAFTA dedicated to the people of Palestine! British-Palestinian writer/director Farah Nabulsi: '....I dedicate this award to the people of Palestine for whom freedom and equality is long long overdue.'

    The film is a moving, personal portrait of apartheid in action, specifically the humiliation and degradation of crossing Israeli checkpoints in the West Bank. The film is available on Netflix.

    Farah's acceptance speech.       Review of 'the Present.'       Trailer.

    Palestine in Pictures

    Monthly report from the Electronic Intifada showing life under occupation. Left: a Palestinian woman reacts as Israeli forces demolish her home south of Yatta, near Hebron; right: Palestinians with Israeli citizenship march in the city of Umm al-Fahm to protest against Israeli police violence and organized crime. Palestine in Pictures.

    Israel's ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in East Jerusalem

    A total of 28 Palestinian families, or around 550 people, who live in the Sheikh Jarrah district in East Jerusalem risk being forcibly evicted to be replaced by Israeli settlers. Since 1972, residents of Sheikh Jarrah have resisted efforts by settler organisations to seize their properties, but with the backing of the Israeli courts, military and police, settlers have been displacing Palestinians from their homes for decades.

    Ramzy Baroud:
    The Nakba of Sheikh Jarrah: How Israel Uses 'the Law' to Ethnically Cleanse East Jerusalem.
    Sheikh Jarrah and the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in East Jerusalem.

    Recalling the 1948 massacre in Deir Yassin

    More than 250 Palestinians were killed on April 9, 1948, by Zionist gangs when they carried out a deadly attack on Deir Yassin, located west of Jerusalem.

    83-year old Meryem Akil (pictured right) lost her father, mother and two brothers in the massacre when she was just 10 years old.
    Palestinian woman recalls 1948 massacre in Deir Yassin.

    In this video Fatima Radwan recalls when, as an 8-year old, gangs stormed her village, killed her father, grandfather, uncle, and burnt her aunt with her children and her mother. Video: Fatima Radwan.

    UK: Ex-minister accuses pro-Israel lobbyists of 'disgusting interference'

    Alan Duncan has said that the Conservative Friends of Israel fiercely lobbied to prevent him becoming Middle East minister. It was Alan Duncan that Israeli embassy spy Shai Masot spoke of plotting to "take down" in the undercover film 'the Lobby UK.' Masot was filmed discussing with a British civil servant how to discredit Duncan because of his public opposition to Israeli settlements.
    Ex-minister accuses pro-Israel lobbyists of 'disgusting interference.'
    "High-level" Israel lobby interference in British politics, says ex-minister

    2020: IDF Censor barred the full publication of 116 stories, while redacting an additional 1,403 pieces

    All media outlets in Israel, as well as authors and publishers, are required to submit articles relating to security and foreign relations to the IDF Censor for review prior to publication. Article here.

    Iran accuses Israel of 'terrorism' over nuclear sabotage

    Israel's Kan public radio cited intelligence sources as saying that Israel's Mossad spy agency had carried out a cyber attack at the site. Article here.

    News from and about the occupation:

    Palestine elections: Marwan Barghouti announces independent election list: Article here.

    Jewish scholars defend the right to academic freedom on Israel/Palestine: Article here.

    Dutch shop fined for omitting the word 'settlement' from label of Israeli wine: Article here.

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